Arsip :April 2018

For the student who take the course of Industrial Statistic for Even Semester 2016 / 2017 Period, please follow this step : (Use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox Browser) Upload a formal photo of yours (the photo format is NAMA_NIM, limited to JPG or JPEG, with maximum size of 2MB) by clicking here After uploading photo, you will […]

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For the students which are taking the course of 2nd Integrated Practicum, Semester 2016 / 2017 – Even Period, are expected to follow this step : Fill the bio form and class schedule for the Even Semester 2016/2017 Period in this link. Make sure you put the right information in the registration form. In the […]

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   As one of the efforts to regenerate the structure of the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory Assistant, Saturday, February 4, 2017, the election was held to choose a new assistant coordinator who will carry out the task in the period 2017/2018 which is housed in the Villa Songgoriti, Batu.   Assistant Coordinator selection event […]

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