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Below is  “Lembar Kerja Mahasiswa Bab 3” for the Industrial Statistics practicum Odd Semester 2016/2017 period. Each student that is taking the Industrial Statistics Practicum should have this properties. Lembar Kerja Mahasiswa format are : Binded with a stapler Printed on A4 paper 80 gr Color printing Duplex printing (bolak-balik) Borderless printing Below is the downloadable content for […]

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Below is downloadable link of Chapter 4 – 2nd Integrated Practicum subject: Chapter 4 – 2nd Integrated Practicum subject  

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Below is downloadabel link of practicum sheet of probability distributions: Practicum Sheets

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below is downloadable link of case study of probability theory practicum: Case Study

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Below is downloadable link of Chapter 3 – 2nd Integrated Practicum subject: Chapter 3 – 2nd Integrated Practicum subject

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For the students taking the course of 2nd Integrated Practicum, it is expected to download the file below as the requirements for the next practicum. 2nd Integrated Practicum Data

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