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     As one of a series of practicum activities, then on December 24th 2016 carried out the submission of letters satisfied for the practitioner who has been taking practicum activities during this semester. The activity was conducted in the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory who was  attended by all assistant lab supervisor and the […]

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For the students currently taking Industrial Statistics Practicum, it is required to fill the student satisfaction index questionnaire here. Please note that the students must fill the questionnaire before being able to take the students practicum grade and individual report at the Statistic & Quality Engineering Laboratory on Saturday, December 24th 2016.

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     Some time ago, precisely on Tuesday, 6 December 2016 has been held Internal Audit Quality (AIM) in Department of Industrial Engineering precisely on Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. Auditor comes from the Department of Electrical Engineering, Brawijaya University. The audit aims to improve the quality service of Statistics and Engineering Quality Laboratory. In […]

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A total of 15 representatives of students from SMAN 4 Tangerang conducted a study visit to the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory on Tuesday (13/12). That Students is one part of the 458 students of class XI from SMAN 4 Tangerang who Conducting a study visit to the University of Brawijaya. During the visit, they […]

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Below is the structure of Industrial Statistics Practicum Odd Semester 2016/2017 Period Report: Group Report Soft Group Report Cover Blank HVS paper (A4) Report Cover (Group) Approval Sheet Foreword – Table of Content Chapter I Divider Page “LKM” Chapter I (photocopy of Group Leader’s “LKM”) Chapter II Divider Page “LKM” Chapter II (photocopy of Group Leader’s “LKM”) Chapter […]

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Below is downloadable link for Chapter 9 (Industrial Design) – 2nd Integrated Practicum Subject 09 – Industrial Design PT 02

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Below is downloadable link for Chapter 8 Part 2 – 2nd Integrated Practicum Subject Chapter 8 (Part 2) – 2nd Integrated Practicum

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