Arsip :August 2019

  One laboratory assistant from Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, namely Annisaa Adi Ramadan make a presentation paper (12/08/15) in IEEM (International Conference on Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management) in 2015 entitled “The Quality Function Deployment (QFD ) – Based Evaluation of Malang Waste Management Bank “which is the work of Mr. L.Tri Nata Wijaya […]

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      Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, sent four of its delegations, namely Mr L.Tri Wijaya Nata Kusuma ST., MT. as the Head of Statistics & Quality Engineering Laboratory, along with three other assistants, Suko Wahyu Dwiputro, Annisaa Adi Ramadan, and Harizka Dwi Putri Anggriyanti to Singapore to take part in IEEM (International Conference on Industrial […]

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To all the student that is currently taking Industrial Statistics Practicum, the formatting order for Industrial Statistics Practicum Report binding can be downloaded here

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