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For all the student who’s currently taking Industrial Statistics Practicum, it is required to fill the student satisfaction index questionnaire here. Please note that the student must fill the questionnaire before having their approval sheet signed by their module assistant and the assistant coordinator

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The cover for each module for the Industrial Statistics Practicum Report can be downloaded here

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You can see the arragement of practicum report in this link For the student that is taking Industrial Statistics Practicum, the report formatting and can be downloaded here : 1. Lembar Persetujuan Kelompok 2.Lembar Persetujuan Dosen dan Koordinator Asisten 3.Lembar Persetujuan Individu (Modul) 4.Lembar Persetujuan Individu Dosen dan Koordinator Asisten 5. Format Laporan (Daftar Isi […]

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The LKM writing format for the 4th Module, Inferential Statistics can be downloaded here.

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