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       In order to improve the quality of the SQE laboratory, 10 people consisting of laboratory assistants and head of Statistical and Quality Engineering Laboratory visited the Study Program Statistics, Mathematics Department, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Brawijaya on Thursday, 8th June 2017. This visit was received by the Chairman of […]

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 As one of the forms of Tri Dharma’s implementation of higher education, Community Service (Pengmas), On Monday July 10th , Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory of Industrial Engineering UB held a training and socialization about quality improvement in one of the SMEs in the area of ​​Malang City that is UMKM Istana Bordir which is […]

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     The Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory, Industrial Engineering, Universitas Brawijaya sent its delegation to participate in the Industrial Engineering Competition of Atmajaya (IECA) competition who organized by Universitas Atmajaya, Jakarta. The delegation consists of 3 (three) active Lab assistants. SRK who joined the SQE team, namely Roby Kurniawan SRK’14, Annisa Dian Islami SRK’14, […]

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On June 25th  2017, exactly 1 Decade of the establishment of the Statistics and Quality Engineering Laboratory. Laboratory of Statistics and Quality Engineering was established since 2007 ago with the first assistant who came from the class of 2005. Not felt already arrived at the age of 10 years of the establishment of this SRK […]

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        After holding the Open Recruitment Assistant activity who held by the Statistics and Quality Quality Engineering Laboratory, on June 10th  2017 has been announced 9 people selected as laboratory assistant SRK force 2015. Of the 41 applicants have been elected 9 qualified names namely Annisa Sophie, Febrina Puji, Firda Rahmatika, Tara […]

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     On May 30th 2017, as one of the activities of industrial statistics practicum even period  2016/2017, a satisfactory distribution of letters to practicum of industrial statistics was conducted. With the dissemination of this satisfied letter, it marks the end of the industrial statistics laboratory of this period which has been implemented for 1 […]

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For the students currently taking 2nd Integrated Practicum, it is required to fill the student satisfaction index questionnaire below. Please note that the students must fill the questionnaire before being able to take the students practicum grade at the 2nd Floor Discussion Room on Thursday, June 8th, 2017: 2nd Integrated Practicum Student Satisfaction Index Questionnaire Statistic […]

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